Kitchen Garden Program

The Kitchen Garden Program

p1010392.jpg2013 saw the implementation of a pilot program, loosely based on Stephanie Alexander’s Kitchen Garden Program. This project has evolved as we reflect on what is valuable for the children and also on how we can enhance the natural environment.

All children have the opportunity to take part in gardening, potting, growing, harvesting, cooking and eating. We believe that the link between nature, food and wellbeing is vital so we aim to make these links as visible as possible within the program.

IMG_1496The fortnightly menu is developed in conjunction with our cooks, Bronwyn & Jason. We look at what we can utilise from our garden, and incorporate it into meals. We also include food preparation as part of the program; for example the children will make the banana coconut to accompany the curry. We have also involved the children in making jam and preserves.


Athe completed a “Gumboots Project” which  entailed collecting old boots, filling them with potting mix and waiting for the cuttings to take. We then displayed the plant-filled gumboots as a green wall in the Joeys garden.


In 2014 our Kitchen Garden Program proudly accepted a SPROUTS  (Sustainable Projects Recognising OUTstanding Practice) Award from ECEEN. We will continue to build on the Kitchen Garden Program to ensure it remains a mainstay of our overall program.



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