“Climate Change will directly affect the lives of young children – both now and in the future.  It would be irresponsible for us not to share this information with children, to give them the opportunity to learn how their actions impact on the health of the plant.  This knowledge will enable children to learn how to be a part of the climate change solution and teaches them that they can make a difference.”

(“Why do young children need to know about climate change? Young 2007)

Our Sustainability Journey

Since its establishment in 1985, Clovelly Child Care has been committed to sustainable practice. For instance, we have only ever used cloth nappies at the centre which over the course of 26 years must have saved at least 450,000 disposables going to landfill.
We have three large rainwater tanks which are connected to our toilets and washing machine. Thanks to a grant from the NSW Government and our own fund-raising efforts we are now producing our own renewable energy with the installation of a 5Kw grid connected solar system.  We also fund the renewable energy sector by purchasing only 100% green power. To cut our energy usage we have retrofitted the Centre with all new energy efficient lighting as well as installed insulation and reflective film on windows to save on heating and cooling.  A new solar hot water system has replaced an old electric hot water system.

We are passionate about not only reducing our own waste, water and energy usage but also sharing our knowledge with the broader community. We have a strong focus on reducing, reusing and recycling both with the children and in our own operations. We prepare fresh meals for the children every day from local produce as well as from our own organic garden.  Our organic waste either feeds our chooks or worms or is composted for the garden.  Families volunteer to participate in a roster that helps us by looking  after the chickens and gardens on the weekends. In June 2013 we asked for volunteers from the community to support the Kitchen Garden Program and we’re lucky now to have a small group of locals who come in once or twice a weeks and do gardening with the children. We host an organic vegetable and fruit delivery service for the local community (Food Connect).

In 2009, we became  the first community group in Sydney’s East to become a ‘Sustainability Street’.   To date, we have held community events on Neighbour Day and an annual Green Fair.We  have a parent-run Sustainability Committee which has been operating since 2008 and leads all our sustainability initiatives.  The Committee is open to anyone who wishes to join and support our sustainability journey.For more information, read our CCC Sustainability Policy and see our initiatives on Zero Waste.

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