Zero Waste

In 2015 we decided to embark on a sustainability mission to reduce the amount of waste generated by the centre. We had an audit that looked at a number of aspects of operations and then looked at the results

A range of suggestions came out of the audit and we’re already putting some of them into action.

You may have noticed some new bins in the rooms to help us recycle and compost more. Other measures include:

  • Using cloth washers instead of baby wipes for nappy changes
  • Encouraging you to reduce use of disposable nappies
  • Reviewing type of gloves and reducing glove usage
  • Reviewing consumable purchases

Long term goals include:

  • Installation of a more efficient composting system
  • More solar panels with improved efficiency
  • An additional water tank to use more grey water in toilets.

The full list of recommendations are available on our website.  Working towards zero waste is a whole of centre effort; staff, parents and children. We hope you can support us on this journey to reduce, reuse and recycle.

ClovellyCCCSWAReport5_15 Final

ClovellyWaterAudit Final

ClovellyCCCEnergyAudit Final

ClovellyAuditsExecSumm Final

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