At Clovelly Child Care Centre, we strive to ensure that our practice is very inclusive and fosters a sense of belonging. The importance of belonging is why our curriculum in the education and care sector is called BELONGING, BEING and BECOMING. Ensuring our children, families and staff feel like they are respected and they belong , is pivotal to do what we do as educators.

We believe: Our story begins with the notion of wonder and delight.

We know:   Children are capable, competent and active learners, and important

contributors to their community.

So we:        Catch the curiosities.

Value all things because everything is interesting when you look


Observe what narratives are visible and use our observations as

the foundation of our curriculum.

We have a kind of faith that the child will reveal himself/herself through actively engaging in purposeful play. We have enormous trust in the developmental abilities of the children. Working as guides and facilitators, we create a well-prepared environment filled with objects of beauty designed to inspire our children with a deep love and reverence for learning.

We all have a vision for our children, ours at Clovelly Child Care Centre is that they become respectful, resourceful, resilient, empathetic human beings. Resilient in the sense of having inner strength to cope with and master all sorts of situations. We want them to learn continuously and draw on their inner resources. We know that children develop a sense of belonging to their community and we encourage them to understand our responsibilities for themselves, others and the earth. We hope that our children will not only develop an acceptance of responsibility but to seek it out.

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